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:: Mike Gower - Distinguished Service - 2008

Mike Gower   Mike Gower is one of our pioneer divers, starting with his first scuba dive in 1959; he continues to enjoy diving and the underwater world. Mike is one of the original members of the Underwater Society of America, whose mission it is to represent divers in all aspects of diving and diving related matters. Mike has dedicated forty-six years to the society, and has dealt with legislation, environmental issues, ecology, aquatic sports, education, and safety. He has served as the society's President, Secretary and has been a member of the Board on numerous occasions. He is presently serving as the Society's Secretary and their representative to the Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences Board of Directors. He is serving as Comptroller for AUAS.

Mike has made a second career out of promoting underwater activities and diver related educational issues, ranging from free diving records, spear fishing competitions, and other new aquatic sports. Mike is currently the representative to the United States Olympic Committee and the CMAS international fin swimming and free diving - spear fishing competition.

For thirty years, Mike has been a very active representative and special
consultant to the California Fish & Game Commission, representing the diving community on many issues, including Abalone out planting, and underwater bottom cleanup projects.

As an active diver and avowed leader within our community, in 2007, he directed the U. S. National Spearfishing Championships, he served as officer for dive clubs and dive councils in the Northern California area, wrote diving articles for Army newspapers while in the Service. and served as a Diving Representative to the California Fish & Game Commission Abalone Ad Hoc Committee.

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