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:: Michele Hall - Arts - 2009

Michele Hall   After nearly 2 decades as a pediatric nurse, Michele entered the field of documentary filmmaking in 1991. While her underwater still photos have been published internationally, the focus of her work has been in marine wildlife documentary film production, with her husband Howard.

Though Michele has co-produced or produced 8 award-winning television documentaries, including several episodes of the PBS series Nature, a National Geographic Special, and the five-part PBS series Secrets of the Ocean Realm, she is probably better known for her IMAX films.

Her interest in large-format filmmaking was sparked in 1994 when she was the Location Manager for the first underwater IMAX 3D film, Into The Deep. In 2003 she was Location Manager for the IMAX film Coral Reef Adventure, in which she was also featured on-camera along with Howard and their crew. She has produced 3 other IMAX feature films, including the Island of the Sharks (1999), Deep Sea 3D (2005), and Under the Sea 3D (2009). Both Deep Sea 3D and Under the Sea 3D were funded by Warner Bros. Her films have won Cine Golden Eagle Awards, the Grand Prize Award at Antibes Film Festival, the Jules Verne Adventures Award, the Festival Choice award at Jackson Hole, Best Large Format Film Award at Wildscreen, Prix du Public Award at La Geode Festival, and Best Film at the Giant Screen Cinema Association.
She is a member of the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Women Divers Hall of Fame, Filmmakers for Conservation, and is a lifetime member of the Historical Diving Society and the San Diego Oceans Foundation. She is a member of the Boston Sea Rovers and is a recipient of their Diver of the Year Award, and the 2004 SeaSpace/PADI Environmental Award.

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