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:: Phil Nuytten, Ph.D. - Science - 1997

Dr. Phil Nuytten   Dr. Phil Nuytten, the CEO of Nuytco, is world-renowned in undersea exploration and technology. He has logged many thousands of hours underwater throughout the world, working as a commercial diver, developing equipment and diving techniques for the commercial, scientific, military and technical diving industries.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Dr. Nuytten was heavily involved in experimental deep diving and the development of mixed-gas decompression tables. He was a member of the team that completed the first 600fsw ocean "bounce" dives on Project Nesco, and in 1972, he wrote the protocol for "Deep Work 1,000," the first North Amercian thousand-foot saturation dive. These early projects helped set the international standards in use today. During this time, Dr. Nuytten was the co-founder of Oceaneering International, Inc., which went on to become one of the largest underwater skills company in the world and provided a vehicle for many early subsea development projects.
In 1984, Dr. Nuytten was featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine for his record dives through ice-covered arctic waters on to the Breadalbane, the northernmost known shipwreck. His involvement in underwater activities in virtually all of the world's ocean's has resulted in articles on his work in numerous aerospace journals and popular magazines such as Time, Newsweek, Popular Science, Discovery, Fortune, Scientific American and Business Week.

Dr. Nuytten has been a popular speaker at underwater conferences around the world and he has published many technical papers on his leading edge work in subsea technology. He has been instrumental in the development and current acceptance of Atmosphereic Diving System technology. In 1979, he began work on a revolutionary new one-atmosphere diving suit that resulted in a patented breakthrough in rotary joint design and formed the basis for the world-famous "Newtsuit." The "Newsuit is a thousand foot rated hard suit that completely protects the wearer from outside pressure and eliminates the need for decompression - a revolutionary deep diving system that has been called "an underwater sports car." In addition, he received a five-year contract from the National Geographic Society to provide Deepworkers and crews on Dr. Sylvia Earle's "Sustainable Seas Expeditions," a project to study deep ocean environment impact of underwater ecology, habitats and biodiversity through exploration and ongoing monitoring of national marine sanctuaries. The Deepworkers were also used to recover the space shuttle booster rockets during a recent flight to the U.S. space station. Nuytten is an award-winning member of the American association of Aeronautics and Astronautics and he has worked with NASA for over 25 years on space applications of undersea technology.

In 2000, Dr. Nuytten introduced a new concept for an ultra lighweight swimming hardhat suit called the "Exosuit," which is being considered by the Canadian Department of Defense as a submarine escape device. Besides the NOGI, Dr. Nuytten has earned many international honors and awards, including commercial diving's highest award from the Diving Contractors International, induction into the Diving Hall of Fame and the Explorers Club Lowell Thomas award. In 1992, Dr. Nuytten was awarded the Order of British Columbia, his home province's highest honor, in recognition of his role in making British Columbia known as one of the world centers of underwater technology.

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